Frequently Asked Questions

This section is devoted to the most frequently asked questions by our customers and fellow horse lovers. Please visit the Lakota Forum or email us if you have a question that is not covered here.



How sturdy is the Lakota trailer?

The interlocking tongue and groove extruded aluminum floor planking has 1/8” walls and solid 3/8” thick risers making it 20% thicker than the industry standard.


How much does a horse trailer weigh?

The actual towed weight of your trailer is calculated as the GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) or weight plus options, plus anticipated cargo. The GVWR can be found on this website and in our marketing materials. Almost everything you need is standard on a Lakota product, so you may only need to add 200 – 300 pounds for options. Some competitors make everything optional in order to advertise a lower GVWR. Make sure you factor in options when comparing weights.


General Information

What is the most important factor to consider when buying a horse trailer?

We believe the most important factor you should consider when buying a horse trailer is the needs of your horse. You must factor the size of your horse(s), ventilation and safety features first. Next, consider your needs - do you need living quarters? Finally, make sure that your tow vehicle will accommodate the size of your trailer. The more you understand your horse, the personality and comforts that will make easy travel for him/her, the better decision you will make.


Can I buy direct from the factory?

Lakota utilizes a dealer network to complete sales relationships with customers. Customers are welcome to contact us directly and we will align the most convenient dealer to complete a streamlined sales transaction. We feel having a relationship with a local dealer is important to provide the customer with financing and ongoing maintenance options. We do offer factory tours during the week and would love to have you visit. Please contact our sales department for a schedule of tours.


What is your warranty?

All Lakota products are covered with a one-year warranty covering structural, mechanical and workmanship defects, and all appliances and any components not related to normal wear and tear or abuse. Our aluminum framed products also include a 7 year structural guarantee against floor, walls and roof defects from the date of delivery. Many of the components carry their own supplier warranty extending far beyond the one-year warranty. To learn more about our warranties for our product lines, please click here.


Lakota The Company

Who is Lakota Trailers?

Lakota Trailers is located in the heart of the RV industry in North Central Indiana. The owners and management have years of experience in the aluminum towable trailer market. They have built recreational towables of all types including Sport Utility Trailers. Their staff consists of 40 people dedicated to engineering, production, quality assurance, sales, customer service, and administrative functions.


How does Lakota's product stack up to the other well-known competitors in the industry?

Lakota's aluminum quality, product feature versatility, warranty and floorplans are equal to or surpass many brands of horse trailers. Lakota has studied horse ownership and trailer performance in the marketplace and has developed a strong trailer that will last for years to come.